Why this is important: Falls are a largely preventable public health problem. As individuals age, an injury becomes difficult to recover from and may lead to mobility impairment and difficulty living independently. Preventing injuries from falls may be done by maintaining safe play equipment for children, supervising children around fall hazards, and using home safety devices, like window guards or stair gates, to keep children safe. For older adults, regular exercise, a review of medicines, regular vision checks, removing trip hazards, and putting in home safety devices, like grab bars, may help prevent falls.

Definition: Rate of inpatient hospitalization due to an injury from a fall per 100,000 individuals.

Data Source: Washington State Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics, Washington Hospital discharge Data, Comprehensive Hospitalization Abstract Reporting System (CHARS). Calculations and presentation of data by Spokane Regional Health District, Data Center.


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Worse than Washington State


Differences by age and sex

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