Air Quality Using PurpleAir Monitors


Multiple air quality monitors have been collecting information throughout Northeast  Washington State. Historical information about air quality can be found on this dashboard.

Air quality is calculated by measuring the amount of fine particulate matter in the air that is 2.5 micrometers or smaller. That is 30 times smaller than the diameter of hair from your head. These particles come from sources such as industrial and automotive pollutants, construction sites, unpaved roads, fields, smokestacks, or fires. Exposure to particulate matter can affect both your lungs and heart.[1]

PurpleAir sensors are non-regulatory air quality sensors maintained by individual community members and organizations. The Northeast Tri County Health District has worked with many partners across Ferry, Pend Oreille, and Stevens Counties to install and maintain a network of outdoor PurpleAir sensors in communities throughout the tri county area. The goal of the PurpleAir sensors in the tri county area is to help community members and organizations make informed decisions about outdoor activities by providing localized air quality data.

Current conditions can be found using the PurpleAir Real-time map. The map and additional information can be found at

To View The Full Tableau, Click Here

[1] U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Accessed 06/07/2024.

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