Data Briefs

The job of public health officials is to monitor the health and well-being of communities. Sometimes routine assessment of the data prompts a deeper dive into issues of potential concern to the community, and sometimes policymakers and public health partners ask for more information on a topic.  Emerging trends or items of interest can be found here. Check back frequently to see what’s catching public attention.

Birth Quick Facts 2022 Preview Image

In Lincoln County, there were 119 births in 2022. To learn more about birth risk factors and outcomes, click "Read More."

The suicide death rate decreased in Lincoln County in 2021. Factors that increase the risk of suicide include a history of depression or mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse, a family history of suicide or violence, and feelings of being alone. Suicide affects the individual's family and friends, but also the community as a whole. Click "Read More" to learn more about suicide in Lincoln County.

Suicide 2021 Preview Image
Leading Causes of Death 2021 Preview Image

There were 145 deaths in 2021 among Spokane County residents. The leading causes of death remain as cancer and heart disease. COVID-19 emerged as the third leading cause of death. Click "Read More" to learn more about the leading causes of death in Lincoln County.