Lincoln County


The job of public health officials is to monitor the health and well-being of communities. Sometimes routine assessment of the data prompts a deeper dive into issues of potential concern to the community, and sometimes policymakers and public health partners ask for more information on a topic.  Emerging trends or items of interest can be found here. Check back frequently to see what’s catching public attention.
Opioid Overdoses Preview Image

In Lincoln County, the 10-year opioid overdose death rate (2012-2021) was similar to that of Washington State. To learn more about opioid use and hospitalizations in Lincoln County, click "Read More."

Hope is the belief that the future can be better than the past and that you play a role in making it so. Research shows that hope can be taught and is connected to academic achievements, well-being, and positive life outcomes. 80% of 8th grade students in Lincoln County report being highly/moderately hopeful.

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Substance Use and Mental Health Among Youth Preview Image

4% of adolescents in Lincoln County were failing in school. Click “Read More” to learn more about substance use and mental health among youth in Lincoln County and how they relate to both academic failure and a protective factor of having a supportive parent.